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"HOME TEAM ADVANTAGE: The Critical Role of Mothers in Youth Sports is a book every family needs to have and utilize to keep their children safe on and off the field."

Orthopedic Surgeon
Director of the Institute of Preventative Sports medicine

"The best advice comes from moms in the trenches, shared with one another. Brooke de Lench is not only in the trenches herself, but is surrounded by people in the trenches. I admire what she has done for sports moms and her vision for the future. Her stories, collaborative efforts, women's vision and commitment to the highest values refresh my hope for tomorrow and the future of youth sports. Her book is just what sports moms desperately need"

author of Raising Winners

"An invaluable resource, Home Team Advantage, is superbly informative and educational, for not only every sports mom, but educator and parent as well.
Brooke de Lench is the pioneer in youth sports concussion education and

Co-Director Neurological Sports Injury Center
Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston
Author of Neurological Head and Spine Injuries

"As a long-time mom, athlete and coach, Brooke de Lench has abundant experience and many innovative, unique and challenging ideas to help improve and change the culture of American organized youth sports. Brooke's insights and acumen are so well reflected in HOME TEAM ADVANTAGE. For anyone who wants to help improve youth sports, this book is a must read. It will certainly open your eyes and minds, and get you to act in positive fashion for the youth in your community."

Former NBA Basketball Player
co-author of Just Let the Kids Play

"I have worked with Brooke and MomsTeam and the Teams of Angels for years, and have come to know both a woman of courage, inspiration, and devotion to a cause. She strives every day to make sports for children safer, healthier, and happier for all involved. I have learned so much from this woman and hope that every person who picks up this book can as well. An important book."

Four-time US Olympic Ice Hockey Medal Winner

"A thoughtful account of how mothers can use the strengths they routinely engender in their children at home to help them succeed on the field, on the court, or in the pool. All families will find something useful in this valuable book. For parents and coaches of children of all ages."

Booklist-- American Library Association

"Ms. Lench's outstanding book will help guide mothers to protect their athletes from emotionally and physically abusive coaches. Sexual abuse is an explosive topic Ms. Lench is not afraid to tackle!"

Sport Psychiatrist

"Explains the confidence, information, education and tools needed to provide all of our children a chance just to be kids."

author of Busy But Balanced

"Brooke de Lench is a beacon for those of us working to change the landscape of today's youth sport environment.

At a time when our nation faces increasing problems related to obesity and lack of physical activity, we have evolved a youth sport scene which is both irrational and exclusionary. Ms. de Lench has dedicated herself to changing this myopic way of treating our children. She writes clearly and with purpose. For those with a stake in those children who are involved with sports, she is important reading."

Emergency Room Physician &
President of Keep 'em All Playing

Additional Praise from Readers:

This book is a "must read" for any parent whose child is involved in youth sports at any level. It is really like a survival guide and was full of some great advice and ideas that made allot of sense. It makes life easier too when you know that you are not alone in a particular situation, as there obviously needs to be some serious reform in high school sports in my opinion. Ms. de Lench deserves allot of praise for tackling this difficult issue head on and gives many of us parents out there a much needed voice!!

~ LISA SAWAN (Stow, Ohio)

"This excellent book helps parents develop a rational perspective in a youth sports environment that seems to push harder and harder every season. It also offers concrete and practical suggestions on how to manage everything from practice schedules to gym bags. A+!"

- KARLEEN (Milpitas, CA)

"In a time when more and more of our children are involved in sports, it is refreshing to find a book such as this one. Ms. de Lench has produced a common sense, easy-to-read book that should be a must read for every parent-male or female-who has or might have a child involved in sports. How refreshing to find an author who reminds us that sports should be about fun first. Sports become the building block for confidence, sportsmanship, team work, etc. I highly recommend this book to families, educators and sports fans."

- AMANDA (Bedford, TX)

"The involvement of mothers in sports is not a new thing, but their role is changing. No longer do they just transport children from place to place, now they are active. This book clear outlines the importance of mothers in sports and steps to follow. There is a fine line between beneficial involvement and 'too' much. This book helps to find the balance."

- CHRISSY (Brick, New Jersey)

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