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Praise for Home Team Advantage:

"Already, because of Brooke de Lench's inspiration and dedication, a powerful movement of mothers dedicated to improving youth sports has taken form.

This immensely readable book assembles brilliantly the most important lessons she has learned, from parents and children on the edges of danger, as well as respected athletes, educators, physicians, trainers, and coaches.

Were every mother of a sports-loving child to read this brilliant assessment of the promise and peril that awaits them and their family, and to listen to her wise and thoughtful voice, I am confident that their bonds of love would be strengthened, and their fields of sport would become happier, safer, and more fulfilling places.

Brooke is a trustworthy messenger of essential knowledge for the many adults and children who are concerned to change the dangerous games of childhood. I wish that every pediatrician, school principal, and coach would read this book, too, because from their surprise and consternation at everything they didn't know, and their resolve to do something, would flow a parallel professional groundswell to involve and empower mothers."

Dept. of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School;
author, The Men They Will Become: The Nature and Nurture of Male Character

HOME TEAM ADVANTAGE provides constructive, practical and forward-thinking advice to help mothers not only understand the current youth sports culture but the critical role they can play in balancing the hard-wired competitive instincts of many of the fathers and men running youth sports with a nurturing and cooperative spirit that is second-nature to women.

The book will arm mothers with the tools and the confidence they need to make their children's sports experience and that of the entire family, safer, saner, less stressful and more balanced by restoring mothers to their natural role as nurturers and guardians of children at play, a role that was lost when youth sports became big business, ultra-organized and dominated by individuals focused only on competition and feeding their own egos.

Packed with stories from her own experiences deep in the youth sports trenches, as a mother, coach, and Editor-In-Chief of MomsTeam, the leading source of information on the Internet about youth sports parenting, and drawing on the latest research from sports safety experts, child psychologists, and social scientists, Home Team Advantage provides the deep wisdom and seasoned advice of a veteran sports mother. As many professionals state; "It should be required reading for parents, pediatricians, coaches and staff."

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