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About Brooke de Lench

Brooke de Lench

Youth Sports Expert, author, speaker, spokesperson and syndicated columnist

Brooke de Lench, author of HOME TEAM ADVANTAGE: The Critical Role of Mothers in Youth Sports (HarperCollins 2006) is the founder and Editor-In-Chief of a Parents Trusted Source for Youth which provides information on a wide array of youth sports topics from health, safety and nutrition to the psychology of parenting a young athlete, to ways in which parents can make youth sports less focused on winning games and more about having fun, skill development and inclusion, the rules and buying information for more than 52 sports.

Brooke is an International Institute of Sports Ethics Fellow, and is on the Board of Advisors for the Institute for Preventive Sports Medicine and for the Matthew Colby Head Injury Foundation. She also established and currently serves on the Board of Directors of Teams of Angels, a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to reducing catastrophic injury in youth sports.

Her feature articles have appeared in parenting papers across the country. She is a sought-after lecturer on a wide range of youth sport parenting topics. She is also a featured speaker in the Harper Collins Speakers Bureau.

Brooke has been featured on over 60 live ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox TV shows including: The Today Show (NBC), The Early Show (CBS), The John Walsh Show (NBC), Wired (ABC), City Confidential (A&E).

Brooke has also contributed to two documentaries on youth sports, which aired on HBO and A&E respectively. She has consulted for HBO Real Sports and ESPN youth sports related shows. She is quoted frequently in the print press, including Time Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Reader's Digest, The Boston Globe, The Los Angeles Times, and Washington Post and her articles have appeared on the op-ed pages of major newspapers nationwide, including The Washington Post and Long Island Newsday. A former high school and college athlete and ranked squash player, Brooke is the mother and past coach of three sons. She lives in the Boston area.

A Recent Appearance on the Today Show (NBC)

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